All of our yogurts contain “Probiotics” in excess of 100 million active yogurt cultures per gram at the time of manufacture and have the National Yogurt Association (NYA) developed Live & Active Cultures seal. Additionally, our frozen yogurt contains two additional beneficial live active cultures than the minimum requirement for the NYA Live & Active Cultures seal.

We have at least 8-10 different soft-serve based frozen yogurt, non-dairy, vegan, wheat or gluten-free and low-lactose soft-serve products running daily, nonfat, and carry a wide flavor selection with our flavors changing daily, so please call us at our store Paradise Yogurt San Diego in Mission Valley (CLICK HERE->) 619-295-Yogurt (9648) (or 619-295-9648 ), to hear the daily menu of flavors! 

We also carry select high quality low-carb snacks, such as all fruit, nuts and veggie bars, meal replacement and energy bars, as well as a select set of specialty craft items from “Paradises around the world” which should bring a little bit of Paradise into your home.

FROZEN YOGURT / SOFT-SERVE FOR DIVERSE DIETARY NEEDS – For our lactose intolerant, vegan and sugar sensitive customers, we offer two different decadent and rich-tasting flavors daily of the super-healthy and popular nonfat, “Only 8 Calorie with live cultures” soft-serve that is sweetened with low glycemic fruit fructose that are low in lactose (more information on the glycemic index of foods).   Check with your doctor first for applicability to your condition.

And we offer one flavor daily of dairy-free, lactose-free, gluten-free 100% Vegan soft-serve.  This product really tastes great and is made with all-natural ingredients, 100% VEGAN, no hidden dairy ingredients, made with our new NON-GMO Organic Oat, it is Fat-free, and Kosher. Check with your doctor first for applicability to your condition.

  • For our diabetic customers, we now offer 1-2 flavors daily of sugar-free non-fat yogurt. Always check with your doctor first for the applicability of our products to your condition.  We also carry a specially selected array of sugar-free snack bars, meal replacement, and energy bars.
  • For our calorie-conscious customers, aside from a number of different “Live Cultures Certified” frozen yogurt flavors we carry each day, containing ~15-20 calories per ounce by volume, some sugar-free, we also have other healthy choices. You can request “Only 8 Calorie with live cultures”, Oat-based gluten-free soft-serve or Skinny Delight for any mixed frozen delight.  So here is more on the nonfat “Only 8 Calorie with live cultures” soft-serve we proudly serve at Paradise Yogurt: It’s all-natural, there’s no fat, low in lactose and carbohydrates, no cholesterol, 1 gm of protein and 8 grams of Carbs in a 4 oz. serving and less than 12-15 calories per ounce by volume! 
  • For our lactose-sensitive customers, the non-fat base is made with non-fat dry milk and can be enjoyed by most with this condition.  Additionally, our “Low Calories with Live Cultures” flavors are NOT sweetened with sucrose – it is sweetened naturally with low glycemic fruit fructose. Many of our snacks help dieters as well, such as select high protein, low carb meal replacement/energy bars, which are fat-free brownies and 98% fat-free cookies, as well as low-fat rice crispies.  

PREMIUM TART FLAVORS – Paradise Yogurt’s version of the “tart-tasting” lower sugar content frozen yogurt, “PY Tart Natural”, yes with active yogurt cultures, perfect with fruit only, which we also occasionally offer flavored versions with Peach, Boysenberry, Strawberry, or Raspberry.  Many visiting L.A. customers say “… tastes quite good when compared to …” the products of the Los Angeles founded “P…berrys” and “R… Mangos” of So. Korea, which is also is now here in Southern Cal. … CALL STORE FOR SPECIFIC “PY TART” PRODUCT OFFERINGS AND FLAVORS… FYI, Paradise Yogurt in Mission Valley has had real yogurt cultures based “tart” (some call it “sour”) frozen yogurt (no powders ever used here) from the yogurt manufacturer who pioneered this type of yogurt in the 70’s, since our founding in 1990 in Mission Valley.