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Wow Cow®




All I need to know about a healthy diet,
I learned from WowCow!




 When eating our WowCow! soft-serve (not a yogurt) remember, its all natural, there's no fat,
no cholesterol and less than 12-13 calories and about 3 carbs per ounce. Best of all,
WowCow! has The base is made with
delactosed whey and can be enjoyed by most lactose intolerants (please check with your doctors first).
WowCow! is sweetened naturally with real fruit fructose.




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Wow Cow is Kosher!






WowCow! All Natural Ingredients






Crystalline Fructose (Real Fruit Fructose), Delactosed Cultured Whey, nonfat dry Milk, Guar Seed and Xanthan gum, Lactic acid, Silicon dioxide (anticaking agent), Natural Flavors and Colors, Dutch Process Cocoa in Chocolate.

Kosher Certified






Nutrition Facts of Neutral Base
Serving Size: 1/2 Cup (4fl oz) frozen product mix (not output of soft-serve machine - machine adds operator adjusted amounts of air for desired "creamyness and texture" so nutritional values of final soft-serve output are usually less than stated below)
Calories: 60
Total Fat: 0
Cholesterol: 0
Sodium: 50mg
Total Carb: 14g
Fiber: 0g
Sugars: 10g
Protein: 1g






WowCow! Tel 1-800-9595-COW

WowCow trademark of Big Train